Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you switch from the jars to the tube packaging for the Gardener's Dream Cream?

The tubes are made from a higher grade plastic which is less susceptible to breakdown from the essential oils. They have 40% less packaging than the jars and are easier to recycle. They are also free of BPA and phthalates. The tubes are more hygienic and convenient, and the 90ml size can be carried on an airplane.

Are you planning on having any Gardener's Dream Cream in jars anymore?

Yes. We re-launched the popular 250mL/8 oz. jar of Gardener’s Dream Cream in January 2010. It will remain permanently in the line.

How long will my Gardener's Dream Cream last?

The recommended shelf life is 36 months, but it has been known to stay viable for several years with proper storage and by using clean fingers or an applicator when dipping into the jar.

If I store it in the fridge will it last longer?

We don’t believe that refrigeration affects the shelf life one way or the other, but it is not detrimental to the product if stored in the fridge.

Why does it look or smell different from when I bought it the last time?

Essential oils are extracted from plants – which are subject to various climatic and growing conditions every year. Like fine wine, each batch can differ slightly even though the ingredients and formula remain the same.

Where do you get your oils?

Our essential oils are sourced from around the world. We guarantee that only the highest quality and 100% pure essential oils are used in all our products. Whenever possible, we will buy locally.

Why do I experience redness on my skin when using the Gardener's Dream Cream?

The essential oils used in our formula increase circulation, bringing blood close to the surface of the skin, especially when applied after a bath or shower. A mild tingling may be felt; this is temporary and will dissipate in a short time. If any discomfort or a burning sensation persists, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and discontinue use of the product. Remember that we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and that you may return the product to the place of purchase (for online – direct to Aroma Crystal) within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Can you use Gardener's Dream Body Wash as a shampoo?

Yes, it is the perfect full body cleanser. Gardener’s Dream Body Wash does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate, so it in much healthier and does not strip your hair or skin of beneficial natural oils. Also, it is formulated with cedar wood which is an astringent for oily skin, acne and dandruff.

Why aren’t Chamomile and Tea Tree in the ingredient list for Gardeners Dream Cream?

Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile were only present in the vibrational imprint sense and had to be listed as they were part of the proprietary blend, but there are no molecules of these ingredients present in the formula. Some customers say the feel the resonance of the Tee Tree Oil and say they can smell it.

I have high blood pressure, is it safe for me to use your products?

Some essential oils are not recommended for those with high blood pressure such as rosemary and sage, however other are very beneficial. Please bring our product list to your naturopath or physician for consultation.

Can I use Gardener’s Dream Cream on my face?

This is really up to the individual. Although great for circulation, peppermint around the eye area may cause issues. However, OHM, a superior face cream made with skin enriching essential oils that are specially selected to nourish and protect your beautiful face. Men love this cream too, so be sure to share!

Are all the products safe for babies? Animals?

We advise to always do a test patch on children and dilute the product. Gardener’s Dream Cream is water soluble and has also been used successfully on pets for cracked paws, ear problems and other skin conditions.