Gardener’s Dream Moisturizer – Morning Dew Scent


Silky Smooth & Weightless! 

Sweet orange and palmarosa promote a radiant and balanced complexion. Great for all skin types. A skin patch test is recommended. 

4 oz./120 mL 

All Natural & Made With Love 

Paraben Free 

Tested on friends, not animals! 



For daily use. Apply morning and night, ideally after cleansing with Gardener’s Dream Body Wash.

Active Ingredient Properties 

Sweet Orange: Improves complexion. 

Lavender: A skin cell regenerator; helps to reduce wrinkles and scar tissue. 

Geranium: Reduces inflammation, eczema and scarring; helps to prevent the look of aging. 

Palmarosa: A skin cell regenerator; balances oil production. Good for stress and nervous exhaustion. 

Carrot Seed: A skin cell regenerator; stimulates circulation; enhances skin tone and elasticity; moisturizes; reduces appearance of wrinkles; soothes dermatitis, eczema and rashes. 

Jojoba Oil: Lubricating and very compatible with the skin. 

Rosemary: Natural astringent; helps reduce acne inflammation. 


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